Quality Louisiana Art print etchings

Discover the talent, creativity, and skill of Phillip Sage through his Louisiana art print etchings. For forty years, collectors and galleries around the world have sought after Mr. Sage and his masterful etchings. Now you can explore his work for yourself, and if you find something you love, add it to your personal collection.

Louisiana Artwork Etchings

Mr. Sage has been living, thriving, and garnering inspiration from Southern Louisiana throughout the majority of his career. His stunning etchings bring Louisiana, New Orleans, and the South to life. These Louisiana artwork etchings portray the traditions, history, and culture of the state.

Whether you are a native Louisianan or simply someone who has visited and appreciates the South, you’ll likely find an etching that’s right for you.

Traditional Etching Processes

Mr. Sage uses the process of intaglio etching and printing. He uses only copper plates for high-quality Louisiana art print etching. He also completes all of his work using an antique English press, which adds to the quality and vitality of his pieces. He uses only the finest paper to ensure high-end collection pieces.

All the work completed by Mr. Sage is done completely by hand and in keeping with the traditions of master intaglio printmakers passed down through the years.

Contact Us

If you are interested in purchasing a fine art etching from the studio of Phillip Sage, come by and visit our Louisiana studio. You will be immersed in Mr. Sage’s beautiful, limitless artwork and also discover the intensive planning, labor, and skill that is required for each Louisiana etching.

You can also call the studio at (985) 796-4004 or (985) 317-4228, or drop us a line via our message form to get information about our Louisiana art print etchings or inquire about making a purchase.